Horse jumping

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Horse jumping

In this game from you and your horse friv must show that you are the best in the world, horse jump over fences, fences, wood or grass apapeste all around the world! With your horse then get on the track and be ready to jump! You pass every obstacle without having to hurt your horse and progresses from one level to another in the shortest time. Horse games are full of passion and create a special bond between you and your horse. Enjoy the game. and forget to rate the game to get in the game hit the horses at Friv online

The game  Horse jumping is part of Horse Games and is one of the best game which can be played with There is more great categories with familiar games for any niche. If Horse jumping is what you want vote it to be reached by other players. Play and have fun.

How to play Horse jumping

<p>Use the instructions in game</p>
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